Build your digital church:
Stream your content, share with the world

We are specialists in helping faith-based organizations build and grow their digital media presence. Churches and ministries all over the world turn to us for the expertise and solutions they need to reach and engage more people.

What We Do

Digital Enterprise™ is our robust and reliable online video platform. With hundreds of features and four-9’s reliability, you can trust it to act as your central hub for worldwide content-sharing. Organize and manage all of your video, audio and metadata in a single place, publish content to your website and social channels, and measure your ministry growth with powerful analytics.


Delivering digital video can be challenging. In a world where there are so many sources of content it can be hard for faith broadcasters to find a sweet spot to meet user’s expectations of experience, while still deploying a platform that is easy to manage, flexible and powerful enough to give you complete control over your content, and ultimately align with your business model. Piksel Hive addresses the technical aspect of this challenge by giving you all the tools you need to deploy a platform and deliver online video straight out of the box.


Live Streaming

Piksel Faith’s live streaming is an end-to-end solution that enables you to deliver your services to a live audience anywhere in the world, at the quality that your audience expects. We deliver tens-of-thousands of live events each year for churches and have what it takes to provide mission-critical, gospel-reaching service


Apps – for Mobile, Roku and Apple TV

Deepen your ministry’s reach by streaming content into every home. With a Piksel mobile, Roku or Apple TV app you can share live or on-demand services so your viewers can still worship with you whether at home or on the go.


Digital Signage

Digital signage keeps your church body engaged and informed while your congregation is within the four walls of your ministry. Share services live, provide live updates on church news, social events, traffic, and weather. Manage many screens across multiple campuses with localized content and centralized control and branding.


Multi-Site DVR

Your weekly church service provides a chance for followers to worship, fellowship, and engage with their pastor. It’s a time where a weekly message is given to help strengthen the congregation for the coming week. With Piksel’s Point- to-Point DVR solution, your ministry can host a seamless church service from your main campus to any remote location without lag, synchronizing the live broadcast to fit flawlessly within a natural flow of events.



24/7 Monitoring and Support

Our team is here to assist you and your viewers so that every technological connection is a long-lasting one.

With Piksel Faith you can rely on 24/7 person-to-person support for you and your viewers, all based out of our live streaming and monitoring centre in Atlanta, Georgia.

Streaming Faith is the world’s leading faith-based multi-channel network and video destination that allows audiences to view the latest video content (live and on-demand) anywhere and everywhere they want.

Syndicating content to is an exclusive benefit for our customers…

Professional Services

Custom development, software integrations, workflow enhancements, and technical consultancy are a part of our deep technical legacy.

We know there is no one-size fits all, and we have the people and tools to help you deliver your digital vision.

CDN Services

Delivering media to a global audience is of the utmost importance. From video and audio, to images and websites, you want to deliver the highest quality experience possible for your members.