Our team is here to ensure that every technological connection is a long-lasting one.

With Piksel Faith you can rely on 24/7, one-to-one support for you and your viewers, all based out of our broadcast-grade live streaming and monitoring centre in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • We monitor your streams, proactively resolve glitches, and ensure that every viewer can engage without problems.

  • We provide technological support whenever you need it. Our support team ensures that every time you pick up the phone you reach an actual human being. And any time one of your viewers has a challenge our staff are ready and waiting to assist them.

  • Our broadcast monitoring systems will automatically alert us if there’s an issue that needs attention. We can monitor for uptime, availability, and quality in your stream from our live streaming and monitoring centre.

Site coming soon is the world’s leading faith-based multi-channel video network where audiences can view the latest live and on-demand video content anywhere they want.

Syndicating content to is an exclusive benefit for our customers, enabling you to further expand reach and exposure.

  • StreamingFaith has a loyal following and a captive audience you can speak to. Stream alongside some of the most influential and gifted pastors, teachers, and leaders in the world.

  • Your ministry page allows you to publish your live events and on demand content. Users can sign in, share, like, and comment. Conversations are a two-way thing, and your online presence can reflect this.


Site coming soon

Custom development, software integrations, workflow enhancements, and technical consultancy are a part of our deep technical legacy. We know there is no one-size fits all, and we have the people and tools to help you deliver your digital vision.

We have decades of combined experience in designing web sites, apps, layouts and flows, overhauling existing sites, enhancing the quality of delivery and expanding the reach of our customers.

  • Church communications are challenging. Knowing which technology, platforms or content to use at the right time is important. We can guide you on creating a cohesive digital media strategy.

  • Our teams will deliver your digital vision and our approaches to system analysis, design, implementation and operational handover enable you to realize the value of the latest technological advancements.

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Delivering media to a global audience is of the utmost importance. From video and audio, to images and websites, you want to deliver the highest quality experience possible for your viewers.

We have multiple partners that enable us to meet every need and challenge, in addition to being an Akamai NetAlliance Partner. We offer the solutions to make your delivery better, faster, and more secure.

  • Enhance your workflows and reach the world with streaming media and acceleration technologies.

  • Increase the speed and performance of your web properties to give your audience the best online experience and keep them engaged.

  • Online attacks are becoming more frequent and faith-based organizations are not immune. We keep your sites active and data safe from countless security risks.

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